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Licensed Psychologist

I have been a licensed psychologist for over 30 years and have been practicing in Maryland since 2009. I believe that a neuropsychological evaluation can be a positive and life-changing experience. I spend as much time as needed to make sure that we are determining the right diagnosis and are also uncovering each individual's strengths and creating a plan to move forward. I enjoy working with children, teens, and adults. 

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About me




One day, my kids were asking me to explain what I do at work. I didn't think they wanted to hear about neuropsychological tests, statistical analyses, and writingreports, so I explained it this way: I'm a detective. The mystery is always that a wonderful, bright person is not doing well in school or at work, and I need to figure out why and help them do and feel better. I can only look for clues by spending time with that person, asking them to do different kinds of tasks.  

I have been doing neuropsych evals for over thirty years and I can honestly say that I am enjoying it now more than ever. No child or adult should have to go through life with an undiagnosed problem, feeling badly about themselves and not knowing how to make things better. I realize that it is an important (and sometimes scary) decision to choose someone to help with this problem, and I am honored that people allow me to help them move forward on their journey.

In addition to my formal training, I have had additional training at home for the past 25 years with my three children. I meant to add a line about what I do in my spare time, but having a wonderful husband, three amazing children, and a gratifying career leaves little free time (and I wouldn't have it any other way)!


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8720 Georgia Ave, Suite 606

Silver Spring, MD  20910

Tel: 301-565-0534
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