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Podcasts Galore!

Updated: Aug 12

For the past few months, I've been having fun doing a series of podcast interviews! I plan to update my website soon, but for now I'll share some of the newest episodes here, and I'll update this page as new episodes drop. Enjoy!

Episodes that haven't dropped yet (stay tuned):

Neurodivergent Conversations. August 2023.

Complicated Kids. June 2023.

Episodes that have recently dropped:

The Self-Driven Child Podcast. Is This Autism?

Tilt Parenting. Recognizing Less Obvious Autism.

Full PreFrontal. Two parter! Is This Autism?

Beautifully Complex. Hiding in Plain Sight - Understanding Less Obvious Autism.

Learn Smarter podcast. Is This Autism? (Links to my prior Learn Smarter episodes are below)

The Special Ed Strategist Podcast. Outside of the Box Support for Autism.

Inside the Aspergers Studio. Unlocking the Secrets of PDA.

Prior podcast interviews:

British Columbia Association of School Psychologists. The Less Obvious Presentations of Autism.

The Testing Psychologist Podcast. Masterclass episode

The Testing Psychologist Podcast: Autistic Girls and Women.

Learn Smarter: Two parter! Understanding Autistic Girls.

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